Press Release

Top 3 change makers of the month

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 18: These change makers of the month have reshaped norms, driven progress, and inspired, making an indelible mark on innovation and society.

1. Dr. Amit K Bagthalia: A Visionary Leader Driving Growth in Hygiene Industry

Dr Amit K. Bagthalia has over 24 years of experience as a Project and Brand Making Consultant within the Disposable and Absorbent Hygiene industry, earning accolades such as India’s Top Mind Award and Most Influential Leadership Award in recognition of his hard work. His knowledge, skill, dedication and success are unsurpassed within the industry he serves.

As CEO and founder of HEALTH2HYGIENE, Dr Bagthalia has played an essential role in driving profitability and growth within his industry. His deep understanding of market conditions combined with innovative product development techniques and strategic business approaches have propelled his ventures into industry leaders. Furthermore, his partnerships and distribution networks ensure widespread product reach and market penetration.

Dr Bagthalia’s dedication to public health and hygiene can be seen through his innovative products that enhance cleanliness and well-being. Through his leadership skills, team-building abilities, and ability to leverage emerging technologies he continues to drive sustained growth within the Disposable and Absorbent Hygiene Industry.

2. Mr. Almas Johari

Mr. Almas Johari, the founder/CEO of Bengaluru-based prop-tech startup Greenlakes, is a highly determined entrepreneur with a strong vision and commitment to building a successful business empire. His inspiring portfolio boasts successful startups in the real estate, jewelry, and home improvement industries. Mr. Johari is also the Co-founder of a home improvement company and Coworking spaces.

Driven by innovation and perseverance, the serial entrepreneur has surmounted social barriers, thrived in diverse cultural settings, and broadened his societal perception. These attributes have enabled this IIM (B) alumnus to forge numerous global partnerships and expand his businesses into new markets across borders.

Under his leadership, Greenlakes has become India’s first blockchain enabled managed farmlands and co-working space farm-space, earning numerous awards for sustainable living. His ability to excel under pressure stems from his interpersonal and analytical skills, and he actively engages in humanitarian efforts, partnering with NGOs and participating in social programs.

3. Dr. Sheetal Nair  

Dr. Sheetal Nair is a distinguished figure in the fields of authorship, public speaking, coaching, and psychotherapy, boasting an impressive career spanning over a decade. As an acclaimed author and TEDx speaker, he has skillfully conveyed his insights to a global audience, inspiring individuals and organizations to achieve their objectives and uphold their missions.

Educated at prestigious institutions such as Symbiosis, IIMC, Harvard, and John Hopkins, Dr. Nair’s academic prowess is matched by his unwavering commitment to research. He is currently pursuing his second PhD, aligning with the principles of the National Education Policy (NEP). This reflects his dedication to pushing boundaries and contributing to knowledge in his chosen field.

With a unique blend of experiences and expertise, Dr. Sheetal Nair continues to shape the landscape of personal development, organizational alignment, and scholarly exploration, leaving an indelible mark on all he engages with