Preeti Sahni won the title of “Mrs. Congeniality 2023

New Delhi (India), September 1: Preeti Sahni, from Gurugram, recently took part in the prestigious “Mrs. India Queen of Substance” beauty pageant in Delhi. Her strong dedication led her to win the title of “Mrs. Congeniality 2023.”

Preeti’s journey in the fashion industry has been inspiring. Her recent victory shows her determination. This success propels her to even greater heights in this exciting field.

Preeti openly talked with the media about her journey. She learned a lot along the way, thanks to the support of her family, especially her husband, kids, and her close friend, Sunita Bhardwaj. They’ve been there for her at every step.

Aside from her own brand “Design for People,” Preeti has earned awards like “Best Actress” and the prestigious “Quality Excellence Award.” But her real goal is empowering women. She wants to inspire them and provide a platform for growth.

Guided by pageant expert Ms. Rita Gangani, Preeti’s journey was shaped. Ms. Sakshi Malik, a skilled choreographer, also played a key role in refining Preeti’s dance skills.

Preeti’s story is about aiming high, working hard, and never giving up. Her transformation from a businesswoman to an empowerment symbol shows how determination and passion lead to success.