Meet 8 Indian Influential personalities thriving in their field in 2024

New Delhi (India) March 16: Explore the vibrant realm of 2024’s dynamic trailblazers who are reshaping the narratives of success and innovation. These impactful figures transcend mere leadership; they embody change, pioneering new directions and revitalizing industries with their visionary zeal and steadfast commitment. From groundbreaking entrepreneurs to forward-thinking educators, each individual brings a distinctive perspective and skill set, leaving an enduring imprint on the landscape. Join us in this exclusive series as we acquaint ourselves with these catalysts of progress, inspiring others to aim higher and dream larger while achieving remarkable feats.

1. Mr. Saurabh Gadgil- Chairman and Managing Director PNG Jewellers

Saurabh Gadgil, serving as Chairman and Managing Director, skillfully merges time-honored traditions with technological advancements within the thriving Indian economy. As the dynamic descendant of the esteemed Gadgil family, renowned for its prominence in Maharashtra’s gold and jewelry industry, Saurabh Vidyadhar Gadgil embodies the spirit and contemporary vision of PNG Jewellers. As the sixth-generation heir, Saurabh has played a pivotal role in redefining PNG Jewellers as a professionally managed corporate entity with aspirations for global prominence.

A fervent sports enthusiast, he has achieved success in numerous chess competitions, even securing second place in the national championship. Beyond his sporting endeavors, Saurabh finds joy in cinema, travel, and possesses a deep passion for literature across various genres. Under Saurabh’s leadership, PNG Jewellers has evolved from a single traditional store into a rapidly expanding chain of 35 elegant outlets spanning India, the USA, and Dubai. Remarkably, the company’s growth has facilitated employment for over 1000 individuals and engaged 500 skilled craftsmen. Through strategic diversification and astute business acumen, Saurabh has propelled the success of Gadgil Holdings Pvt Ltd, established in 2008.  Visit us   

2. Dr. Viraj Bhandari-Ayurvedic Super Spine consultant at Dr. Bhandari Ayurveda Spine Clinic

Dr. Viraj Bhandari, an Ayurvedic Super Spine consultant, leads the practice at Dr. Bhandari Spine Clinic located in Hadapsar, Pune. With a diverse educational background encompassing MD in Ayurveda, Chiropractic, Osteopathic Manual Therapy, Spine Adjustment, Structural Integration, and specialized training in Marma Therapy abroad, Having undergone training across various countries including Poland, Europe, America, China, England, and Australia, Dr. Bhandari specializes in non-operative modern treatment methods for spinal disorders, spinal ailments such as disc bulge, degenerative spine conditions, cervical and lumbar pain, herniated discs, sciatica, back and neck pain, as well as associated symptoms like mobility limitations, numbness, and dizziness.

His expertise extends to evidence-based scientific practices of spine care, collaborating with esteemed professionals in research abroad. Under the banner of Dr. Bhandari Spine Technique, he has successfully treated and rehabilitated over 15,000 patients with spine disorders, emphasizing precise diagnosis and tailored treatment plans. Beyond clinical interventions, Dr. Bhandari advocates for holistic spinal health, offering guidance on dietary practices, posture correction during daily activities like waking, sitting, and walking, as well as safe lifting techniques. Dr. Bhandari’s mission is to promote overall well-being, ensuring not just physical health but also mental contentment for all. Visit us

3. Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya- Founder President & Chairman of Suryadatta Education Foundation

Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, the Founder President & Chairman of Suryadatta Education Foundation, is widely recognized as a dedicated educator, global mentor, industry expert, visionary, and philanthropist. His mission is to provide high-quality education at affordable rates, fostering holistic development across all societal segments to promote global peace and harmony. He envisions an academic environment, from early childhood to advanced research that is both enlightening and hygienic. With over three decades of experience in academia, administration, resource management, teaching, industry engagement, consultancy, research, and corporate social responsibility, Prof. Dr. Chordiya is characterized by his fervent leadership and personal commitment to strategy and execution.

He serves as the Governor Nominee and Governing Council member of YCMOU, chairs the University-Industry Partnership program at the Global Chamber (headquartered in the USA), and holds the position of Senior Vice President at CEGR, Delhi, among other distinguished roles. Having visited prestigious universities worldwide, including those in the US, Australia, the UK, Israel, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan, Prof. Dr. Chordiya has garnered numerous international and national accolades for his outstanding contributions to education, spirituality, social welfare, and global peace initiatives. Visit us

4. Prof. Dr Bipin Sule – CEO Vishwakarma Institutes & University Pune Management and Education Strategist 

Professor Dr. Bipin Sule, a seasoned Management and Education strategist with over 28 years of experience, began his journey as a Lecturer in the Computer Department before ascending to the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Vishwakarma Group – Institutes and University Pune. His career trajectory serves as an inspiration for emerging educators. With a background in Computer Engineering, he furthered his education with postgraduate and doctoral degrees in Management.

Dr. Sule’s achievements include honorary Doctorates and D Litt, alongside certifications as a Six Sigma Green/Black Belt professional, Chartered Engineer, Project Management professional, and ISO Auditor/Lead Auditor. Having received over 30 national and 5 international awards, Dr. Sule’s contributions have been recognized by prominent figures including State Governors, Union Cabinet Ministers, and Chief Ministers. Notable awards include the “Distinguished Educationist – 2015” by BERG and the “Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Professional Excellence Award.”

Beyond accolades, Dr. Sule has pioneered innovative educational approaches, focusing on quality education at an affordable cost and aligning with India’s National Education Policy. His efforts also aim to foster globalization and internationalization within higher education in India, reflecting the vision of the Honorable Prime Minister. Visit us

5. Dr David Pillai- Chairman, Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) 

Dr. David Pillai is widely recognized as a trailblazer in the field of foreign medical education in India. His involvement with Philippines began in the early 2000s, and his students have consistently maintained an impressive average pass rate of 85% in the FMGE examination through his partnerships with medical colleges in the Philippines, primarily through DMSF. Through his initiatives, over 8000 graduate doctors have successfully completed their studies, with many now practicing in India and abroad, a significant portion of whom hail from lower and middle-class backgrounds.

Dr. David Pillai played a pivotal role in introducing the Philippines as a preferred destination for those aspiring to pursue MBBS abroad after conducting extensive research in the field. Responding to the substantial influx of medical aspirants from Chennai, Dr. David Pillai has expanded his reach by establishing a new campus in Mahabalipuram under the name of Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA), capable of accommodating nearly 2000 students. In both campuses, besides offering premed courses for the Philippines, NEET Coaching is also provided for those aiming to pursue medical education.

Dr. David Pillai recognized the challenges faced by Indian medical aspirants, reminiscent of the crisis in 1999 when there was a stark disparity between the available seats and a huge demand. Through his dedicated efforts, he aims to contribute towards addressing this gap by aspiring to produce 1 lakh doctors to serve the nation. Dr. David Pillai has also been recognised by Governor and Comptroller of the state of Maryland, USA for his contribution towards the Medical field. Visit us

6. Dr Ninad Sheode – Passionate and Popular Physics Coach and an Entrepreneur

Dr. Ninad Sheode M.Tech in Atmospheric Physics Pune University, Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics from the University of Bremen, Germany. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Dr. Ninad Sheode Physics Coach, he has done his PhD from University of Bremen Germany, Dr. Ninad Sheode is on a mission to transform students into a physics ninja. Dr. Ninad co-founded Learners’ Academy (Learn Ac) in 2014 in Pune to create a healthy learning space for students of grades 11 and 12. He has been teaching PHYSICS and producing amazing results in board exam as well as competitive exams like the Common Entrance Test (CET) and JEE/NEET (UG).

He has trained more than 2800 students since then. In 2019, he invested in the development of private LMS along with Harbinger Group to train the students in online mode during the pandemic period. It won the Silver Award for “Best Advance in Learning Management Technology” in 2020. Visit:  

In 2023 he has created a recorded lecture series for grades 11/12 Maharashtra State Board Physics Syllabus for SELF PACED online learning. His approach is all about demystifying complex concepts and making physics accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a high school student preparing for exams, a college student tackling advanced physics, or just someone with a curiosity for the subject, our classes cater to all levels of learners. With his easy-to-understand and engaging teaching methods, learning physics has never been more exciting. Visit us

7. Mr. Nitin Bhagwat – Chairman and MD of Nobel Cast Comp. Pvt. Ltd.

Discover the transformative journey of Nitin Bhagwat, the Chairman and MD of Nobel Cast Comp. Pvt. Ltd, since its inception in 2003; Nobel Cast Comp. Pvt. Ltd. has consistently raised the bar for excellence in the industry, reshaping traditional notions of success along the way. With over 75% of its products exported to markets spanning the USA, Europe, and beyond, Nobel Cast Comp. Pvt. Ltd. has made significant contributions to the generation of foreign exchange; further bolstering India’s economic standing on the global stage. His strategic vision extends beyond the company’s current achievements, with plans underway to establish operations in the USA.  

Nobel Cast Comp. Pvt. Ltd. remains deeply committed to its social responsibility, actively contributing to the upliftment of communities by providing employment opportunities to skilled Indian workers. In conclusion, Nitin Bhagwat’s extraordinary journey exemplifies the essence of determination and perseverance, showcasing how vision, innovation, and unwavering dedication can redefine success in the dynamic landscape of the MSME sector. Visit us

8. Mr. Vinay Marathe  – Founder Marathe InfoTech Pvt. Ltd 

Mr. Vinay Marathe the founder of Marathe InfoTech Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of Maharashtra Industries Directory, has spearheaded the company’s endeavors for over three decades. With a track record of publishing 19 editions of the Maharashtra Industries Directory and 8 editions of the Gujarat Industries Directory, the company has established a robust presence in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Regional offices in Pune and Ahmedabad, coupled with a widespread marketing network, further solidify its reach across both states.

Under the leadership of Mr. Vinay Marathe, the company has flourished, expanding its geographical footprint and achieving exponential growth. His visionary approach led to the inception of the MAHATech Industrial Exhibition, providing a vital platform for SMEs to meet their business objectives. Initially focusing on directory publications for Maharashtra and Gujarat, Marathe InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. transitioned into online operations with the advent of the internet, launching Driven by a desire to foster industrial collaboration, Mr. Marathe’s aspiration for industrial exhibitions became a reality with the establishment of Maha-tech. Visit us

As we wrap up our examination of the lives of these impactful trailblazers, it’s clear that 2024 stands out as a year characterized by visionary individuals who challenge norms and redefine what it means to succeed. Their narratives are imbued with perseverance, creativity, and a steadfast dedication to effecting positive change in the world. Looking forward, these remarkable individuals will persist in shaping the future, leaving behind a lasting legacy that transcends their specific domains. Here’s to a year marked by inspiration, metamorphosis, and the tireless pursuit of greatness.

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