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1xl Hosts Magical Science Workshop for BVJSS Students

Inspiring Curiosity and Exploration Among Young Minds

Pune (Maharashtra) [India] March 29: 1XL recently held a fun `Magical Science” workshop on January 28 at Bhatkya Vimukt Jati Shikshan Sanstha, Wagholi (BVJSS). The workshop was led by Jainam and Jivika Jain, who are the founders of the hit Youtube channel, JJFuntime and are co-founders of 1XL LLC FZ. The goal of the workshop was to make science enjoyable and interesting for the students. This shows the commitment of 1XL to making science easy to understand and fun for young learners.

The “Magical Science” workshop, a joint effort by 1XL and BVJSS, was a big success. Two hundred students enthusiastically participated. Jainam and Jivika Jain’s lively presentation style and interesting experiments made difficult scientific ideas easy to understand and enjoyable to perform.

Jainam said, “We are very happy to have worked with BVJSS to organise this great workshop. We wanted to show students that science can be educational, interesting and magical. Seeing the students so keen to learn was inspiring.”

Jivika said, “Working with BVJSS for the ‘Magical Science’ workshop represents what we aim for at 1XL. We want to help young minds by making science fun and easy to understand. We aim to open up the superpower of curiosity in every child.”

The “Magical Science” workshop featured various exciting experiments that made learning science fun and engaging for students. They learned about air pressure by observing the level and flow of water from a bottle saw the properties of a non-Newtonian fluid with cornstarch and learned the concept of polymers by puncturing a plastic bag filled with water. 

Other experiments included demonstrating pressure and depth using straws in bottles, showing the impact of water flow rate on force and creating a volcano with baking soda and vinegar. These hands-on activities taught scientific principles, created curiosity and encouraged students to learn about the world around them from a new point of view.

Dr. Shivlal Jadhav, the founder, president and trustee of BVJSS, said, “Our students enjoyed the ‘Magical Science’ workshop. Events like these are very helpful, as they enhance what students learn in class and inspire them to think creatively and explore the wonders of science.”

1XL’s “Magical Science” workshop at BVJSS shows its dedication to giving students new and interesting learning experiences. 1XL wants science to be fun and easy to understand, so kids feel excited about exploring the world. The workshop highlighted how science is used in everyday life. By showing how scientific principles are applied in real life, students saw how relevant science is to their daily experiences. This made science more understandable and helped students see how science could solve real problems.

The success of the “Magical Science” workshop at BVJSS proves how committed 1XL is to creating meaningful educational programs. By working with schools like BVJSS, 1XL inspires students with fun, hands-on learning. Through workshops like “Magical Science,” 1XL is helping to shape a future where education is enjoyable.

The “Magical Science” workshop was a big success because it used a new and creative way to teach science. By making science fun, interactive and applicable to real life, 1XL encouraged many students to become interested in science. As 1XL grows its educational programs, it shows its dedication to giving students what they need to do well in the modern world.

The workshop highlighted the importance of science education for children. By introducing students to hands-on experiments and interactive learning activities, the workshop helped them develop a deeper appreciation for the subject. This hands-on approach to learning is crucial for building a strong foundation in science and preparing students for future success in these fields.

1XL’s commitment to promoting science education is evident in its innovative approach to learning. By combining interactive workshops with online resources and educational materials, 1XL is helping to make science education more accessible and engaging for students around the world. Through initiatives like the “Magical Science” workshop, 1XL is inspiring young minds and shaping the future of education.

The “Magical Science” workshop by 1XL at BVJSS made learning fun, sparking curiosity in students and showing science’s real-world relevance, inspiring a love for lifelong learning. The workshop created a sense of wonder and curiosity among the students. 

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