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Fame Finders Launches Celebrating Eminent Personalities Campaign, Spotlighting Visionaries, Innovators, and Inspirational Leaders

New Delhi [India], May 3: Fame Finders, a pioneering platform for spotlighting exceptional talent, proudly unveils its latest campaign: “Celebrating Eminent Personalities.” In a bid to offer unparalleled inspiration and insights, this initiative introduces renowned professionals to the global stage. From seasoned entrepreneurs to visionary leaders, each luminary offers invaluable wisdom and innovative solutions aimed at catalyzing positive change in the lives of readers worldwide.

Dr. Omkar Prasad Baidya

Dr. Omkar Prasad Baidya, an Indian doctor, philosopher, and author, holds a faculty position in Physiology at a Medical Institute in  Kolkata.  Through his writings, he emphasizes the significance of human virtues in addressing societal issues and promoting world peace. Baidya’s books introduce new morality theories and underscore the role of compassion and forgiveness in fostering global harmony. 

He advocates for universal ethics and the development of moral leadership. Alongside his medical career, Baidya has earned numerous accolades, including national and international awards such as the Dr. BR Ambedkar National Award and Mahatma Gandhi Nobel Peace Award. His contributions have been recognized in various influential people lists, cementing his status as a thought leader in healthcare and ethics.

Sonu Prasad

Sonu Prasad (SupercoachSonu) is a management professional as per his academic qualifications. He started his career as a photographer and cinematographer, but his later realization made him move forward toward a new role in his life as a life coach.

He is a founder member of ICF, the Indian Coaching Federation. He helps and transforms people to find their hidden power and capacities to excel in their lives, and for this wonderful purpose, he has created a platform named Supercoachtalks. 

He is motivating people to slay in business, studies, and personal development. He has also been awarded as Young Coach of the Year in the India Coaching Awards 2021, which itself is a prestigious moment and an achievement to be proud of.

Recently, he started his NGO, named – Wellwiser to help people to take control of their mental health and become architects of their destinies. Their goal is to empower people and talk about various mental health issues, that are not openly talked about in family, among peers, or in media.

The NGO aims to transform the world and leave the footprints of their good work behind. They are also, working to elevate the position of women in society by uplifting them to be the driving force of their success.

Dr. Smita Ghosh

Dr. Smita Ghosh, a luminary in psychology, illuminates the human psyche with her passion and expertise. Her journey, from academia to impactful practice, is a symphony of dedication and service. As a consultant for CSR Programs with CSRBOX, she traverses villages and teaches life skills at the grassroots level, infusing hope and change. 

Dr. Ghosh’s advocacy extends to women’s empowerment and public health, evident in her workshops even within Tihar Jail. Her accolades, including the Best Counsellor Award conferred by Shri Dharmendra Adhikari, the Union Cabinet Minister for Education and Skill Development, mirror her commitment to education and skill development. 

A speaker at prestigious conferences like the Joy of Inclusion Conference organized by UNESCO & Global Rainbow Foundation, she champions inclusivity and diversity, fostering dialogue on crucial issues. Continuously expanding her horizons, she pursues learning at renowned institutions like IIM and LSE (London School of Economics). 

An author and researcher, her eBooks “Mind Aid Pitara” and upcoming “Decoding Mithya,” along with over 10 papers, enrich the field of psychology. Fluent in six languages, she bridges cultural gaps, amplifying her impact. Through organizations like WICCI and G100, she advocates for women’s empowerment and research.

Nandini Khanna

Nandini Khanna boasts nearly two decades of versatile experience as a seasoned professional and visionary entrepreneur. Her expertise spans Image Consulting, Soft Skills Training, Communication, Styling, Etiquette Coaching, and Personal Branding. From roles as an Educator, and Pre-school Principal, to Curriculum Developer, she has left an indelible mark in various domains.

Conducting impactful training sessions on Personal Branding, Leadership skills, Customer Service, and more, Nandini collaborates with diverse institutions including Hospitals, Fashion Institutes, NGO’s, and Schools. Her tailored consulting services cater to CEOs, professionals, and students, earning her widespread recognition and accolades such as the IMPA Leadership Award for Social Impact- CSR 2023 Runner Up, IMPA Special Appreciation Award for Uplifting IMPA 2022-2023, Re-Skills Ambassador (international learning app), and the Image and Style Icon Winner 2K22.

Beyond fashion trends, Nandini delves into the psychology of style, offering personalized guidance on color palettes, wardrobe essentials, and non-verbal communication. Her comprehensive sessions encompass personal style, fitness, and essential soft skills, enriching both image and relationships.

Rohit Khanna

A man who never settles for less and his hunger for knowledge and learning new things has given a name in the training field specializing in learning and development (L&D), program management, staff development, and training curriculum. A proven track record of developing and implementing engaging training programs to improve team performance and facilitate professional growth with more than 28 years in the Aviation Industry. 

A versatile Trainer / Facilitator / Instructor, not only an approved instructor by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to conduct classes for on CRM, SMS, Human Factors, etc… for Pilots, Cabin Crew, Engineers, Ground Staff but also holding various certificates in contrasting fields like IELTS, Personality Development, Soft Skills, Communication Skills / Language Enhancement, etc.

In his long career, he has held various positions in management and also was a Cabin Safety inspector with DGCA and helped a lot of individuals to make a career by providing training without any prejudice or any gains. 

Besides his knowledge and zeal to learn, he has always had a passion and an innate ability to teach. He has always displayed a professional self-disciplined attitude at work, a friendly authority with co–co-colleagues.

Dr. Shahir Y. Bajowala

Dr. Shahir Y. Bajowala’s life is full of discovery and achievement, from his diverse hobbies to his award-winning publications, rare stamp and coin collections, photography, and astronomy.

Dr. Shahir Y Bajowala is creative, technical, and entrepreneurial with a Ph.D. in business administration and mechanical engineering. Inspired by his life, individuals follow their goals and leave a legacy of achievement and discovery. He has shared his views on women’s empowerment. Have a look below –

India, with its vast cultural variety, is facing a serious issue: women’s plight, even in cities. Despite progress in various fields, women still face gender-based violence. Inhumane behaviors including female infanticide, and dowry demands stem from patriarchy and gender prejudices. 

Women are marginalized by social and economic hurdles such as low education and financial resources, which perpetuate poverty and limited chances. Domestic and dowry-related violence leaves many women without assistance. Discriminatory cultural norms reduce women’s agency and rights. Women remain trapped in cycles of inequity and dependence due to a lack of education. Economic inequality and poor healthcare worsen women’s emotional and physical well-being. 

Dr. Divya Tanwar

Introducing Dr. Divya Tanwar, an extraordinary academic luminary and cyber security expert who has carved an illustrious path in the realms of education and social service. With a distinguished tenure as the former Director of Sanskriti University and her current role as a Professor (Adj) at Somaiya Vihar University in Mumbai, Dr. Tanwar radiates expertise honed through years of teaching computer science to BCA & MCA students.

With a PhD in Computer Science, complemented by M Phil, MCA & MBA degrees, Dr. Tanwar’s academic brilliance is matched only by her fervent dedication to empowering the underprivileged.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Dr. Tanwar is the visionary founder of Divey Foundation, a beacon of hope for underprivileged women and girl children across India.

Dr. Tanwar has been collaborated with CRPF and has also gained prestigious accolades such as the ‘Suryagaurav Rashtriya Puraskar-2020’ and the esteemed ‘Global Achievers Award.’

Prof. Dr. Parin Somani

Prof. Dr. Parin Somani is Director of London Organisation of Skills Development, Chief Editor of Global Research Journal, Academic Scholar, TEDx Speaker, Educator, Motivational speaker, Author, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Multi-International Award Winner. She holds 8 Doctorate degrees, authored 19 books, a Guinness World Record holder and one of the Lead Editor, ‘The Thickest Book in the World’. Recognised 5 times in world book of records, twice in India book of records , Asia book of records, twice in Karnataka book of records. 

Her upcoming event is scheduled to be organized between 7th to 10th August 2024. Global Research Conferences welcomes research paper submissions covering a diverse range of topics. The THEME for GRC 2024 is: Sustainability and Resilience in a Changing World 2024. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to submit their full text paper, including results, tables, figures and references. Venue of the event is – King’s college Cambridge University, UK.

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Dr. Biju Mathew

Dr. Biju Mathew, a distinguished traditional medical practitioner hailing from Idukki, Kerala, boasts an illustrious career spanning 28 years. Renowned for his expertise in traditional medicines and herbs, Dr. Mathew has showcased remarkable applications of these age-old remedies. His practice encompasses the treatment and cure of a diverse array of diseases, earning him widespread recognition and accolades.

One of his most notable achievements includes being recognized as the first traditional healer globally to treat the highest number of patients with various diseases within an astonishing record time of 60 minutes. This extraordinary feat has solidified his reputation as a pioneer in the field of traditional medicine. Additionally, Dr. Biju Mathew has garnered numerous prestigious awards and world records, further cementing his status as a leading figure in the realm of alternative medicine.

With his deep-rooted knowledge and unwavering commitment to healing, Dr. Biju Mathew continues to inspire and uplift countless individuals seeking alternative approaches to healthcare. His dedication to the practice of traditional medicine serves as a beacon of hope for those in search of holistic and effective treatment modalities.

G S Kumar

GS Kumar, LinkedIn Marketing Consultant, Job Search Coach & Corporate Trainer. With over 2-decades of experience, GS Kumar is a trailblazer in LinkedIn marketing and personal branding. Notably, GS Kumar’s methodology includes crafting captivating infographic resumes, a unique approach that sets job seekers apart in the competitive market.

Moreover, GS Kumar’s expertise in unique job search strategies to support mid-career and CEO profile.  He has mastered the art of tapping into the hidden job market, generating MNC interviews from 70% of non-advertised Job Market. His profound recruitment background spans over 20 industries, equipping him with unparalleled insights to coach mid-career and CXO profiles to success.

Established in 2016, has since partnered with over 150 startups and served more than 8,000 clients across 25+ industries – GS Kumar’s mission remains resolute: to empower businesses and job seekers in securing high-ticket clients and MNC interviews through strategic LinkedIn Optimization & Training. In a competitive landscape, GS Kumar’s expertise offers invaluable guidance, ensuring individuals and businesses thrive in their respective endeavors.

In 2024, let G.S. Kumar guide you towards unlocking your full potential and achieving unprecedented success in your professional endeavors. Follow him today and embark on a transformative journey towards personal and professional growth!

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