Dr. Ekta Vala Chandarana And AOGS Lead the Charge in Breast Cancer Awareness with “Impact” Series

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], June 11:  In a significant step towards combating breast cancer in India, Dr. Ekta Vala Chandarana, Medical Oncologist in collaboration with the Ahmedabad Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society (AOGS), hosted the inaugural session of the “Impact” series. This landmark event brought together top oncologists and medical professionals from across Ahmedabad, Gujarat to discuss the alarming rise in breast cancer cases and strategies for early diagnosis and advanced treatment.

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women in India. According to the National Cancer Registry Programme, breast cancer accounts for 25-32% of all female cancers in urban areas. Early detection through regular mammography screenings significantly increases the chances of successful treatment, with mammography being the most effective tool for detecting breast cancer at an early stage.

A recent SURVCAN-3 study (Cancer Survival in Countries in Transition) published in 2023 found that the 3-year median survival for breast cancer across countries was 84%, whereas, in India, it was 68%. 

The panel featured esteemed medical professionals, including Dr. Ekta Vala Chandarana (Medical Oncologist), Dr. D. G. Vijay (Surgical Oncologist), Dr. Tanay Shah (Surgical Oncologist), Dr. Pooja Nandwani Patel (Radiation Oncologist), Dr. Neha Shah (Consultant – Radiology), and Dr. Jignesh Rajvanshi (Medical Oncologist). This diverse group of experts convened to address the urgent need for increased breast cancer awareness and early diagnosis, which are critical to improving survival rates.

The panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Ekta Vala Chandarana, centered on the rising incidence of breast cancer in India, with a particular focus on Gujarat. The experts shared insights on the latest advancements in breast cancer treatment and the importance of community outreach to promote early detection.

“Early diagnosis is the cornerstone of effective breast cancer treatment,” emphasized Dr. Ekta Vala Chandarana. “We must work together to raise awareness and ensure that women have access to the information and resources they need to seek timely medical attention.”

Dr D J Vijay, a veteran with more than 30 years of experience in breast cancer surgery, highlighted the importance of surgical advancements. “Our ability to perform breast conservation surgery and reconstruction has significantly improved the quality of life for our patients. However, the key is to catch the disease early.”

Dr. Tanay Shah echoed these sentiments, adding, “Endoscopic procedures and minimally invasive techniques have revolutionized our approach to cancer surgery. These advancements, combined with early detection, offer the best chance for successful outcomes.”

The event also featured a community discussion aimed at identifying strategies to enhance public awareness about breast cancer. The AOGS officials underscored the importance of such initiatives, stating, “The collaboration between oncologists and gynecologists is crucial in our fight against breast cancer. By working together, we can reach a wider audience and encourage more women to undergo regular screenings. This edition 1 of ‘Impact’ also aims to make gynaecologists more aware of the importance of early detection.””

The panellists and community members discussed various outreach methods, including educational programs, social media campaigns, and partnerships with local organizations. The goal is to create a comprehensive network that supports women in understanding the importance of early diagnosis and accessing the latest treatment options.

The “Impact” series, envisioned by Dr. Ekta Vala Chandarana, aims to be an ongoing platform for addressing critical healthcare issues. Each edition will focus on different aspects of cancer care, bringing together experts to share knowledge and collaborate on innovative solutions. Dr Ekta is a dedicated Medical Oncologist known for transforming cancer care with empathy and innovation.

“Impact is more than just a discussion series; it’s a movement towards transforming cancer care in our region,” said Dr. Chandarana. “We are committed to making a real difference in the lives of our patients through continuous education, awareness, and advanced medical practices.” 

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