Press Release

Redefining Comfort of your Underwear with Kearo

Surat (Gujarat) [India], June 24: Surat’s very own Kearo, a direct-to-consumer innerwear brand, took a bold step recently by participating in the much-buzzed-about startup event “21by72.” The event proved to be a turning point for the young brand, propelling them towards exciting new possibilities.

Kearo stands out in the innerwear market with its unwavering commitment to everyday comfort. Their secret weapon? Tencel A100 modal fabric, a fabric unlike any other. Kearo is the only brand in India to craft garments from this luxurious material, offering an unparalleled level of softness and breathability. Made from renewable beechwood pulp, Tencel A100 modal is a marvel of sustainable innovation. The production process minimises environmental impact by using significantly less water and energy compared to traditional fabrics. These certified bio-based fibers are not only gentle on your skin but also decompose completely, returning to nature.

Shubham Khetan, a young entrepreneur, is the driving force behind Kearo. The brand isn’t just about comfort; it’s about quality and innovation. Shubham’s vision to redefine comfort for Indians has resulted in a brand that embodies both. Their unique approach to prints and colours even lets couples “match a pair,” adding a playful twist to their innerwear collection.

But Kearo isn’t stopping there. They are constantly pushing boundaries and have exciting new products in the pipeline. Their upcoming launch of a brand-new Loungewear line is sure to be met with much anticipation. Kearo’s story at 21by72 is a testament to the power of innovation and a relentless pursuit of comfort. This young Surat brand is poised to take the Indian innerwear market by storm, offering a unique blend of quality, comfort, and style. Stay tuned, because Kearo is here to ensure comfort is never compromised, and with their upcoming launch, everyday life is about to get a whole lot cozier.

The success at 21by72 has opened doors for Kearo. The brand is actively seeking investment to fuel their ambitious growth plans. Their participation in the event has already garnered interest from potential investors who recognise the immense potential of Kearo’s unique approach to comfort and sustainability.

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