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In Conversation with Ujjvala Radhe: The Authentic Tale of Draupadi

New Delhi (India), June 28: Ujjvala Radhe, a teacher and practitioner of Psychology and Spirituality brings alive the authentic tale of Draupadi through her book ‘The Woman Who Rebuilt’. Excavating the deeply embedded facets of the timeless Mahabharata, she brings in savvy insights into the rare details surrounding the life of the powerful princess Draupadi. 

Expertly interweaving philosophy, adventure and a plethora of emotional mellows, Ujjvala Radhe shares many contemporary lessons to handle personal challenges. The book also resolves many popular controversies. For those who are looking for timeless tales that mirror the nitty gritties of dharma ‘applied’ would greatly benefit from this work.

Ujjvala Radhe, a mentor and a psychologist, having done her research in Mantra meditation at the AIIMS is currently a PhD scholar at the IITs.

More details about the stunning biography that can enrich and empower: DRAUPADI – THE WOMAN WHO REBUILT (the authentic tale of Draupadi with 8 empowering Lessons) 

Let us catch up with some interesting details about the nature and the evolution of this historical delight as the author shares the details of her journey.

Q1) What made you choose the very same subject matter which is well-known to almost every Indian?

Ans – Owing to the unimaginable complexities surrounding the life of Queen Draupadi, over the centuries, her true story has remained an enigma and a subject matter of questionable narratives. 

This book comes as an authentic tale as given in the Mahabharata of Srila Vyasa Deva with fine details that are perhaps unknown to the most avid readers of the Puranas. Also, in this work, the personalities of Draupadi and the Pandavas have been carefully portrayed by reconciling multiple Vedic works, apart from Mahabharat. And the analyses are drawn from works of great saints and scholars of the yore to ensure alignment with the Siddhanta. A passion to present a reliable narrative with its inherent richness of details is where my journey began.

Q2) How has your experience as a teacher of spiritual science and as a mentor contribute to the book?

Ans- I have been teaching and mentoring students and professionals in aspects of self-development and interpersonal relationships through Indian Knowledge systems for the past two decades. The insights I gained in the process of mentoring, pointed to a need for fine-tuning some default mindsets. The magnum-opus, Mahabharat, is a rich platform show-casing amazing life-lessons that can inspire, transform and resolve complexities of life. Connecting the contemporary challenges to the solutions from ancient wisdom is where my experience played a crucial role.

Q3)   What was your personal inspiration behind writing this book?

Ans- My personal appreciation for the personality of Draupadi remains the main inspiration behind the book. The current generation is looking for powerful woman protagonists who could stand strong amidst adversity and evolve as a towering personality despite the life’s odds. True stories are just the right pick.   

Q4) What made you choose book writing as a medium to reach out to your audience in this day and age where everyone is hooked on to screen?

Ans- Perhaps! nothing can replace the experience of holding a book and exploring the layers of wisdom as revealed in the pages when  paused and reflected by the reader. 

Q5) What are some key concepts that you wish to highlight in your book?

Ans- The concept of overcoming the victimhood mindset – Much against the popular notion that Queen Draupadi is victimized by everyone around her including her destiny, the book brings out the truth about her unyielding nature.  

Yet another concept that remains the highlight of the book is Draupadi’s heart to heart connect with the Supreme Person Sri Krishna, through the sublime process of Bhakti. It’s a connect that stood as her greatest strength, shelter and succour at the most testing times of her life and finally orchestrated the justice her heart pined for.

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